For any questions not answered here, please contact Perry Mann via email: perrymann73 at

Are you planning to bring back the Ball?
Yes, we are.

Are you involved with, or endorsing any Halloween party or event for 2014
No, we are not doing that this year (and we will probably never do that again).

Are you guys doing anything for 2014?

We are hard at work compiling footage for our 30 Year Documentary entitled "The Exotic Erotic Ball - XXX Years and Counting."

Didn't you plan to release the documentary a few years ago?

Yes. It was delayed due to the sad and untimely death of our great and talented friend, Zalman King.

How is the documentary now being produced?
We have secured a top filmmaker and editor. That team is controlling the content, not us. Our goal is to help create an acclaimed film, one that covers the Ball and its history in an objective manner.

If I have a great story involving the Ball, can I submit it for inclusion into the documentary?

You can send us an email to initiate discussion, but there are no guarantees - the film covers 30 years of history and we don't want it to run too long. Some submissions might not make it into the film, but might make it into the "Extra's". If the documentarian is interested in your story, he'll reach back.

How do I get a copy of the documentary?
Join our mailing list, and stay tuned for an update. We are considering offering the documentary and many other cool things as rewards in a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.

So - is the plan to bring back the Ball after the documentary is ready for release?
Yes. That is what Perry wants to do... so it shall be done. Look for us in 2015.

All of us here are so grateful for the emails and kind words.
We miss the Ball at least as much as you do. When it comes back, it will have been worth the wait.

If you are not on the Mailing List, please join now for updates.

The rest of the website below is unchanged from how it appeared on 10/21/2010.

IMAGE GALLERY: 2009 Live Entertainment Lineup

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